About Us

Carolinas' Our Little Miss is a state competition for Our Little Miss Scholarship Competition. We strive for young women to gain self-confidence while learning the art of competition and making memories that last a lifetime! The program is for young girls and women of all ages! It is a family-oriented and Christian organization that has been around for almost 50 years!

Our girls and young women have excelled to the highest levels of their professions and many attribute their success to the memorable experiences gained at an "Our Little Miss" event.  We are very proud to have been a part of their development.

World Youth Federation's philosophy is that by giving children an outlet to express themselves and their talents, they are presented with growth and development aspects for personality, communication, discipline, memory training and grooming habits. Because parents play an important role when a child is in any competition, the family relationship is enhanced, especially that of the mother and daughter.  Our scholarship competition does not condone stage parenting; the child must truly want to be a participant, enabling the fascination and glamour of Local to World events to become an educationally exciting family affair.

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