Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations – All Contestants

* Report to all functions/competitions at the specified check-in times listed on the schedule! Those reporting late the first time will be given a warning (infraction), 2nd time will not be considered for the top 4 positions.

* Once your child has been checked in for competition, no one will be allowed to alter or remake an outfit to fit regulation. Please make sure you check all your outfits for violations before checking in!!

*No contestant will be allowed to wear their reigning crowns or banners until the Royal Coronation Breakfast.  Crowns and banners can not be worn in any photograph in the official program book.

* Coaching - Baby Petites:  Simple coaching from the parent/guardian on stage is allowed but must not be overheard by the audience/judges.  Encouraging the baby petite to wave, smile or turn is acceptable but winks, blowing kisses and dancing are not.  No coaching off stage by anyone, including during the La Petite competition.  Coaching from behind or beside the judges table is not allowed.  You will be asked to stop immediately.  All of the above will be considered an infraction for the first offense and will be quickly stopped.  Failure to stop will cause delegate to receive a violation. 

* No alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs of any kind is allowed to be consumed by parents or older contestants in or near staging areas or in contestant's rooms. This could be cause for contestant's automatic disqualification. This is a children's event and should not be considered a free-for-all party in a hotel. It will be at the discretion of the Pageant Officials as to the severity of the problem and the matter will be handled accordingly.

* No smoking in Staging areas, including dressing rooms.

*Baby Petite Contestants ONLY: Baby Petite on-stage escorts must not remove their hands from the contestant during any on-stage presentations and the clothes they wear on stage to present the contestant must follow the guidelines listed in the handbook for the contestants ages 13 & up.   No coaching on stage where a chaperone/guardian can be over heard. 

* Although every contestant has a parent or appointed guardian, pageant officials will stop any unacceptable conduct, (i.e. foul language, abusive punishment, activities that could be harmful, younger contestants smoking, excessive gossiping, rude behavior, distasteful clothing). Any of the above mentioned regulations can be cause for contestant's disqualification. If necessary the contestant(s) and attending guest will be asked to vacate the property.

* Any photo used in the Program Book, Additional Advertising, Miss Photogenic or Commercial Print, must portray the contestant’s age, low cut clothing, over done make-up and large earrings is not advisable, especially on the younger contestants.  NO PHOTO TURNED IN CAN BE DIGITALLY RETOUCHED IN ANYWAY; IF A DIGITALLY ENHANCED PICTURE IS TURNED IN IT WILL NOT BE USED IN THE BOOK!!!

* The Official Program Book will be printed on time. All deadlines will be enforced and the book will be printed with out your page if deadlines are not met. We will not hold the book open for any contestant! IF YOU ARE LATE AND MISS THE PROGRAM BOOK DEADLINE, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THE TITLE IF YOUR PICTURE IS NOT IN THE PROGRAM BOOK!!

*No posting of ballots, ratings, etc. is allowed. At no time will any discussions take place with the official judges.

*Judges comments will be given to your state director after the pageant is over. Do not call World Headquarters for your Comments.

* Our Little Miss is a Non-Glitz pageant!!

* The Universal Ms. division is the only division in which a contestant/winner may be married or have children prior to entering the competition or be married or have children during their reign.  

* AUDITOR (Rule Enforcement Agent)

A rule enforcement position was created with regard to all competitions: local, state, regional, national and world levels.  The title of the rule enforcement agent position shall be auditor.  The auditor will be responsible for insuring that the judges results conform to the guidelines for the awarding of titles and placement (alternate positions) as set forth in the World Handbook.  For example, the auditor shall be responsible for insuring that the Mini Queen is the highest ranking contestant at the opposite end of the age division.  Additionally, the auditor will insure that a person who has committed a violation will not be within the first four placements.



A disqualification is when a contestant expresses direct defiance of the principles set forth by the World Youth Federation for all Our Little Miss competitions.  If a contestant or their family is found guilty of a disqualification, the contestant will be removed from competition and both she and her family will be asked to leave the premises immediately.  Disqualifications include bribing judges; child or spousal abuse, be it verbal or physical; smoking in the staging area; drinking alcoholic beverages on the property; under age smoking; under age drinking; being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the property; misuse of copyrights; misuse of federal trademark; and selling any items on the property.

For clarification purposes, misuse of the copyright or federal trademark consists of placing titles, the OLM silhouette or Our Little Miss logo on anything, including, but not limited to, paper, garments, bags and crown cases without the express permission of a World Youth Federation executive board member.  An example of this would be having a child’s title airbrushed on a crown case or having a child’s title monogrammed on a tote bag or placing a child’s title on business cards.  It is much easier to ask permission than to ask for forgiveness, as forgiveness simply will not be given for any such act.  For example, if a World queen wants to pass out business cards with her name and title appearing thereon with little goodies attached for contestants, she should forward a prototype or proof of the item/document to World Youth Federation headquarters and await approval before having the same printed or otherwise created.  This applies with regard to press releases as well.  Any proposed articles for publication must be approved by an executive board member of World Youth Federation prior to publication. 

Violations are defined as intentional disregard for the rules and standards set forth by  World Youth Federation for all Our Little Miss sanctioned events.  If a contestant commits only one violation, she will be precluded from being in the top four places during Official competition and the top three places during a Universal Beauty competition.  These violations are automatic (i.e., there are no free passes with regard to violations).  Violations are defined as follows: failing to submit an acceptable picture for the program book; performing a talent which exceeds two minutes and 59 seconds; missing a competition in its entirety (a contestant who is late for a competition but arrives prior to her appointed turn on stage will be considered to have committed an infraction-and such a contestant will be allowed to compete in the normal rotation-but a child who misses her appropriate turn on stage will be placed at the end of her group if she arrives prior to line up or close up appraisal; however, a child who arrives for competition during close up appraisal or line up will be considered to have missed her competition in its entirety and will be considered to have committed a violation); breaking a clothing rule (one inch straps for all contestants; no backs out below the shoulder blades for contestants 12 and under; no rhinestones worn during sportswear competition; material that looks like skin has the same effect as skin; shoe heel under 1.5”  for 9 & under, 2” for 10-12(OLMP) & no regulations for 13 and over); and the “hands-on” rule & no on stage/close-up appraisal coaching for children in the Baby Petite competition.

An infraction is considered an inadvertent failure to comply with the rules and standards as set forth by the World Youth Federation for all Our Little Miss scholarship competitions.  Each contestant is permitted one warning (free pass); however, if the contestant commits a second infraction, she will be excluded from the top four placements during Official competition and the top three placements during Universal Beauty competition.  Examples of infractions are being late (please note the difference between being late for the 15 minute check in and missing a competition in its entirety) or inadvertent inappropriate exposure.  An example of inadvertent inappropriate exposure would be a contestant’s unplanned disrobing during talent competition, such as a shoe string breaking and a shoe flying off the contestant, a child’s talent costume getting hung on a prop and exposing skin through no defect of the otherwise legal talent costume, or a child bending over to donate pennies during the fund raiser and her lower back being exposed briefly due to her motions.

All auditors’ decisions as to infractions, violations and disqualifications will be final.  Further, all judge’s decisions will be final.  A director should not intervene if a judge does not want to follow the ruling of the auditor.  A judge’s result should be signed off on by the auditor to insure compliance with the standards and regulations of the World Youth Federation for any Our Little Miss sanctioned event.  Please instruct your judges that their decisions should concur with any ruling necessary of the auditor.

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