Clothing Rules

Beauty: Ages birth to 6, short dress, must have straps at least 1 inch wide if you are wearing straps only instead of sleeves. No midriff or dresses below the shoulder blades. 

Ages 7 to 9 must wear short pageant, party/ or Sunday best dress.  No opening below the shoulder blades in back and also must have at least a 1 inch strap if wearing a strapless dress. 

Ages 10-12 can wear either short or long dress. Must have at least a 1 inch strap and no opening below the shoulder blades. 

Casual wear: for all groups, Casual wear is just that, something casual that you feel good in and shows your personality. No rhinestones, or sequins and this must have a crotch in the outfit: .example Skort, shorts, or pants

Interview: Contestant will wear tshirt given at registration. You can not put rhinestones on shirt. But you can decorate with ribbon. Kakki shorts, slacks or skirt with white tennis shoesss.

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